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The Nigeria army has reported the rescued wife and daughter of the Emir Shehu Bama. Three of them (wife, daughter and son of the emir) were captured by Boko Haram in 2014 when they took over Bama but they been held in captive for over two years by Boko Haram. However, the son of the emir had since been killed months after they were abducted. Although troops of the Nigeria army came under severe ambush less than week ago, it has gone ahead to announce that there are no more Boko Haram camps in the North East. A similar feeling resonates in Niger where the Interior Minister, Mohammed Bazoum has assured that Boko Haram will be over soon. This is coming barely a month after Boko Haram killed 38 soldiers in Bosso, the border between Niger and Nigeria and carted away large weapons of the Niger’s Army Arsenal. Unfortunately, there are yet to be established report of the where about of the weapons recovered by Boko Haram in that operation or the Boko Haram members who appeared in that video showing how the attack was prosecuted successfully. Amidst this hope, there are evidences suggesting that Boko Haram members displaced in Simbasa are taking refuge in some other parts of the country as one of them escaped lynching in Lagos.

Wife and Daughter of Emir Shehu Bama Rescued

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