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Security and Safety awareness might not just save your life – it could also save the lives of others. The personal safety tips provided here are practicable and applicable with the intention of helping you to know more about how to safeguard life and property , but they are by no means exhaustive. The main objective of this piece is for you to become more security conscious or respond properly to security related incidents.Thank you.

1. Security is everybody’s business – not just the Police or Security agents. You need to accept responsibility for your personal security by taking proactive measures such as keeping yourself informed and aware of security related information and issues.

2. Do not accept unsolicited or suspicious packages or bags from anyone. Where applicable , draw the attention of security personal to unattended packages especially in public places.

3. Use your locks always – windows , home doors and car doors are not excluded . Wherever locks are present and the occasion calls for it , ensure that this security apparatus is properly utilized.

4. Ask your family or office to do a security assessment review and invite an expert if necessary. You will be surprised at the security loopholes you will uncover when this is done.

5. Lastly make Security Awareness a part of your culture. It is not a ‘one off topic’ or issue. Remember , as your become more familiar with security and safety information – you are helping to save yourself and others from unpleasant , preventable incidents.