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FAQs About ECOWAS Counter Terrorism Strategy Tracker.

What is ECOWAS CTS ?

The ECOWAS Counter Terrorism Strategy Tracker is an Open Data platform by the Centre for Democracy and Development with support from the Access Nigeria Project. The platform is intended to provide practical analysis of operational policy framework for ECOWAS counter-terrorism actions, its countries and for promoting a common regional approach to the prevention and combating of terrorism within the Community. It also seeks to harness support and resources at the continental and international levels to enhance the capabilities of Community Members to enforce their continental and international counter-terrorism obligations and to enable them undertake rapid responses to terrorist acts.

Benefits of Using ECOWAS CTS.

  • The Tracker documents data of violent extremist incidences and government response across West Africa.
  • The platform includes information of counterterrorism efforts, casualties and scope of terrorist attacks, violent extremist groups, and the locations and natures of terrorist attacks.
  • Tracker documents periodical analyses of trends and patterns of violent extremism in West Africa and beyond.
  • Offers rich and helpful data for research and information for intelligence generation.Details within the database are also available as infographics and in real-time form.

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