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The ECOWAS Counter Terrorism Strategy Tracker (ECTS – Tracker) is an Open Data Platform that provides practical analysis of operational policy framework for ECOWAS counter-terrorism actions. It Supports and serves as a knowledge base that promotes a common regional approach for counter terrorism by both state and non-state actors through the documentation and analyses of cases, activities and incidences of extremist violence across the region. It also looks at the location, trends, patterns of incidences of violent extremism and the response of state and non actors across the region across the region. The tracker has also serves as a tool in monitoring the efforts of States in implementing the ECOWAS Counter Terrorism Strategy (CTS). 1.1 Trends and Patterns of Extremist within West Africa and Sahel Region (Nigeria, Chad Cameroon, Niger, Burkina-Faso) 1. The period in view, our focus of our review, was equally the holy month of Ramadan. It experienced series of attacks from insurgents across West Africa and the Sahel.
The countries affected includes, Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Chad and Cameroon. Cameroon witnessed multiple suicide and bomb attacks
from deadly terrorist sects, while the Multinational Joint Task Force
(MNJTF) intensified offensive operation to clear out remnant of the terrorist cells in the North East,
Nigeria. In Mali, Jihadist affiliated to Al- Qaida’s terrorist lunched a deadly attack on United Nations Camp, while in Nigeria; the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) reported 2that 680 members of the vigilante grouplost their lives in the war againstBoko Haram.

Read the Full Report in PDF here CTS FACTSHEET June Factsheet(1)

FACTSHEET: ECOWAS Counter Terrorism Strategy Factsheet June 2017
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