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Civilian JTF arrested for supplying Indian hemp to Boko Haram

The NDLEA Commander in the state, Barrister Ona Ogilegwu who confirmed the story said the Civilian JTF men, driving in a Hilux van marked “Civilian JTF, donated by Mobbar LGA” were intercepted by his men when they were conveying 30 kilograms of the dried substance suspected to be Indian hemp.
“At the time of their arrest, Mobbar local government was under the control of Boko Haram insurgents. They admitted they were going to supply the drugs neatly concealed in the engine of their vehicle to the insurgents. These are men being paid by the state government to help identify and arrest insurgents but they turn around to supply them with drugs.
“It was not easy intercepting them. At first they even refused to stop for my men. They had to chase them. We acted on intelligence. We also found a plastic container of ‘sock and die’ in their vehicle. Sock and die is another dangerous drug,” he said.
The commander also said 20-year-old Maido Layanto, a suspected to be a major illicit drug dealer supplying Boko Haram drugs has also been arrested by operatives of the agency.
Layanto who was arrested with assorted drugs weighing over 7 kilograms, was nabbed when she was on her way to Monguno, another insurgency zone in the state to deliver drugs.
Both Layanto and the three civilian JTF men admitted supplying insurgents with illicit drugs but denied belonging to the group.
A source close to the ongoing war against insurgents in the state told Daily Trust that drug consumption by insurgents is very critical to the war, saying, “There is nowhere we dislodged the insurgents from that we did not find large consignments of drugs. They consume a lot of drugs. If the relevant authority can block them from having access to drugs, it will be fine.”
The circulation and consumption of drugs among the youth in the state is on the increase despite the efforts of the NDLEA towards curtailing the menace, it was gathered.
A retired Deputy Superintendent of Police, (DSP),in the state, Kabiru Abbare said the rate at which people abuse illicit drugs is alarming and portends serious danger for the future of the state and its people.
“Both men and women, children as young as 10 years of age are into drugs. When you go to the zoo area and behind the Shehu’s palace, assorted drugs are sold openly. People consume such drugs everywhere in Maiduguri; be it school, buildings and even on the streets. I know the insurgency has contributed to this, but something should be done to check it.
“Some people took to drug abuse when their parents or loved ones were executed before them. The NDLEA requires the support of the state government, especially in the area of logistics to be able to operate. Other security agencies and the military must support them with manpower,” he said.
The NDLEA Commander said there is a synergy among the security agencies in the state where all the security agencies and the military go after drug barons in a joint operation.
“This year alone, we have arrested 112 drug suspects in the state. 59 of them are in court already. The agency is targeting drug dealers and counseling the consumers. We have already secured 7 convictions. Two among them were arrested with 2.6 tonnes Indian hemp.
“We even arrested a suspect with 300 grams of cocaine in the state. One may be wondering who consumes cocaine in Borno? That was part of the 606.831 kilograms of illicit drugs we confiscated from people in the state this year alone. You can imagine what will happen if all that should go into circulation.
“We are hopeful that we shall win the war on the illicit drug because of the seriousness the state government attaches to it,” he said.


Civilian JTF arrested for supplying Indian hemp to Boko Haram

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