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Operation tigetr claw 21 07 2016 pic
The Nigeria Army code-named Operation Tiger claws killed 12 Boko Haram fighters while some escaped with gunshot injuries. The operation rescued 22 including women and children but four soldier sustained injuries. A similar rescued accounted for 38 women and 42 children.

In Mali, Niger’s Tele Sahel reported that Niger has brokered peace agreement between two ethnic Tuareg fighting over control of the Kidal, a key ethnic Tuareg stronghold. However, Mali has extended its state of emergency after 17 soldiers were killed and 35 injured by Ansar Dine. Ansar Dine has killed more soldiers and peacekeepers than any other group recent months.

12 Boko Haram fighters killed in Operation Tiger Claws July 21 2016

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