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What is ECOWAS CTS Tracker ?

The ECOWAS CTS Portal provides raw facts and figures about Terrorism in the ECOWAS Region. It also intends to provide an operational policy framework for ECOWAS counter-terrorism actions and for promoting a common regional approach to the prevention and combating of terrorism within the Community. It seeks to harness support and resources at the continental and international levels to enhance the capabilities of Community Members to enforce their continental and international counter-terrorism obligations and to enable them undertake rapid responses to terrorist acts. Read more.


Pillar One

Pillar One
PREVENT. The goal of the ‘Prevent’ pillar is to identify key areas where Member States should take actions to detect and prevent terrorism before it emerges.
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Pillar Two

Pillar 2
PURSUE. The ‘Pursue’ pillar aims at enabling Member States to undertake rapid, timely & effective responses to terrorism when it occurs.
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Pillar Three

Pillar 3
The ‘Reconstruct’ pillar aims at rebuilding society and at enabling the state to heal social wounds caused by terrorism and counter-terrorism.
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Estimated Total Number of Countries Affected by Boko Haram Related Attacks: 6
Estimated Total Number Of Boko Haram Related Attacks in Nigeria: 2185
Estimated Number of IDP's in Nigeria due to Terrorism: 2.1 Million

Updates: Niger Attacked by Terrorists.

cameroun attackTwo separate Islamist attacks killed three policemen and a soldier in Niger, an official said, just days before the impoverished west African nation votes in the second round of presidential elections.

Gunmen believed to be linked to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), the terror group’s African affiliate, shot dead three policemen in a market in Dolbel near the border with Burkina Faso, the interior minister Hassimi Massaoudou told AFP.
“The attackers were repelled, and we are currently sweeping the area. We don’t know the toll on the attackers side, they took their wounded and dead,” the minister said.

Near the border with Nigeria, four suicide bombers attacked a military convoy, killing the local military commander and injuring two others, the minister said.

A fifth suicide bomber, a young girl, was prevented from detonating her vest.

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